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If you are on a budget and money is tight finding bargains is extremely important as it could mean the difference to whether you eat or not this week, especially in the current economic climate where jobs are hard to find and basic food costs are spiralling out of control it seems. Unfortunately there seems to be no end to the current situation for some families and that is why coupons, discounts & vouchers are worth their weight in gold.

Coupons, discounts & vouchers are available from many different sources. The stores and supermarkets often have many different types of coupons available in their weekly and monthly magazines that can be found at the checkouts. There are normally pages full of all different types of coupons; coupons that offer money off certain products, or buy two items get a third free on another. These coupons are always available, just make sure you use them to their full potential and use them before they expire.

Printable coupons, discounts & vouchers can be found on the internet as well. There are literally hundreds of different websites offering all manner of different coupons, discounts & vouchers, so make sure you join as many of these websites as you can. They are free to join and all they require is your email address and postcode, so for the sake of entering your personal details it would be a crime not to join. Depending
on the website will depend on how you receive your coupons, discounts & vouchers. Some you will have to print off your computer at home, while others will require you to enter a discount code when buying something online. Others vouchers may be valid for certain stores and certain items, but when you add them altogether they can add up to a considerable sum of money.

The local press is another place to look for coupons, discounts & vouchers as they often carry supplements and adverts with a variety of different offers on them. As well as all the usual vouchers for items of food and things like washing powders and detergents you can also find vouchers for money off meals at a local restaurant or money off coupons for your nearest theme park. Those type of coupons, discounts & vouchers are always handy for when the children are on holiday as they always complain there is nothing to do, but with a couple of money off vouchers the trips to local attractions and theme parks are not quite so expensive all of a sudden.

Social media is also a great place to look for all different types of coupons, discounts & vouchers. Virtually every business in the whole world, no matter how big or small they maybe, now has a Facebook page, a page where they often advertise their latest offers or their latest printable coupons. Again sign up and like as many as these as you can, because once you add up all of your coupons, discounts & vouchers you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you will be able to save over a short period of time.